4 Things to do to Help Your Overweight Cat4 Things to do to Help Your Overweight Cat

You may think that fat cats are be cute and cuddly.  But all the extra weight they’re carrying is anything but that.  Overweight felines are at a much higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, two conditions you definitely don’t want your pet to develop.

While it’s difficult to accurately weigh your cat at home, you can get a good idea of whether or not Kitty is overweight by feeling for his for her ribs. If you can find them easily, then your feline pal is probably healthy. But if you find that you have to dig through layers of fat, then Kitty is overweight.

If you can get your cat weighed, then keep in mind that he or she should weigh no more than eight to ten pounds. A reading over 12 pounds  means that your pet is carrying around too much weight and that you should consider putting him or her on a special diet immediately. Remember the longer Kitty remains overweight, the greater the chance for health problems.

Here are some things you can do to help your feline pal slim down:

  • reduce the amount of treats you give them;
  • feed him or her several small meals throughout the day rather than one or two large ones;
  • put all food and treats/snacks in your pet’s bowl; and
  • offer Kitty more non-food related attention.

You should also make an appointment to talk to the veterinarians at Austin Pet and Bird Clinic. We’ll create an individualized weight reduction program for your cat complete with meal recommendations.  Don’t take chances with your pet’s health, contact us today!

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