Bird Heat ExhaustionThe onset of another Austin summer can present a number of issues for your pet bird, not the least of which is heatstroke and bird heat exhaustion. But you can help Tweety weather the hot temperatures – and save yourself a few headaches – by following these four simple recommendations:

Keep temperatures comfortable

Exotic birds tend to do well in warmer temperatures. But just like other household pets (and humans!), birds in extremely hot spaces can experience heatstroke, symptoms of which can include:

  • panting
  • weakness
  • an inability to maintain balance
  • holding wings out

Keep the temperatures comfortable and consider misting Tweety when the temperature gets excessively high. Doing so will add humidity to your bird’s environment and protect his or her respiratory system.

Clip your bird’s wings

You’ll likely be keeping your windows and doors more open than usual during the summer. Even if you have screens, make sure to get your bird’s wings clipped. That way, if Tweety gets loose from his or her cage, you’ll lessen the chance that your feathered friend will get injured and/or accidentally fly away.

Beware of indoor fans

If you plan to use fans of any kind (and especially those you might have on your ceiling), you’ll need to be diligent about keeping an eye on Tweety. Fans pose one of the biggest household dangers to birds, even those that have had their wings clipped. If your feathered friend flies into a fan, he or she could sustain severe – and too often, deadly – injuries.

Provide a healthy diet

Summer is a prime breeding season for many bird species. This means that their nutritional needs can quickly escalate. You can supplement Tweety’s diet and increase vitamin/essential nutrient intake by offering your bird lots of delicious, in-season fruit snacks or treats made with nuts and grains.

Prevention is always the best medicine. But if your bird needs medical care this summer, the vets at the Pet and Bird Clinics can help. Our veterinarians understand the special needs of exotic bird species like yours and will make sure that Tweety gets the attention he or she needs to stay healthy no matter the season. Contact us today!

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