8 Common Dog Ear ProblemsNo dog is ever immune from ear ailments. Regardless of whether Fido has ears that fold over or stand up straight, your canine pal is always at risk of developing some kind of otic problem at some point in his or her life.

If Fido seems to be having ear trouble, here are some of the things that could be causing the discomfort:


Allergic reactions to food ingredients or environmental irritants such as pollen or dust are the single most common cause of canine ear problems. If Fido’s paws are also inflamed, then it’s more than likely your canine pal has an allergy.


Floppy-eared dogs are especially prone to infections because the fold in the ear flap creates a warm, moist environment ideal for bacterial growth. Infections are usually accompanied by odor and can cause the affected ear to feel warm to the touch.


Ticks, mites and fleas can cause Fido ear pain and itching that he or she will try to soothe through scratching. This in turn can lead to further problems such as inflammation, crusty skin and hair loss.


Bristles from weeds and plants as well as other debris can get lodged inside a dog’s ear. If you suspect that this is what’s causing the problem, check Fido’s ears with a flashlight and do not insert anything inside the ear canal that may cause further damage


An animal bite or even excessive scratching or head shaking can cause blood and fluid to accumulate between the ear flap skin and cartilage. The treatment for such an injury is surgery. If an affected ear goes untreated, it will become permanently disfigured.


Hypothyroidism and adrenal malfunctions can also cause ear ailments. If you notice that Fido’s coat looks unhealthy or that he or she is experiencing hair loss, behavioral changes and/or reddened skin around the ears, hormones may be at the root of the problem.


Sometimes dogs develop otic issues because they have inherited conditions – such as dermatomyositis (which affects connective tissue) or seborrhea (which causes hair loss and scaly skin.


Conditions such as squamous cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma can also cause canine ear trouble. Darkened or scaly patches of hairless skin are two symptoms that usually indicate the presence of cancer.

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