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You love your dog or cat but you hate the clean-up.  After all, it’s hard enough having to clean up after yourself and the other human members of your family. So what do you do?

While you can’t make the job disappear, you can make it easier on yourself job easier in a number of ways. Here are just a few of them:

  • Buy a professional-grade pet grooming brush – By combing your pet’s fur for a few minutes every day, you can remove loose hairs and limit shedding especially during the summer months.
  • Keep lint rollers on hand and within easy reach –  These inexpensive devices are designed for removing fluff from clothing but work equally well to pick up stray pet hairs from beds and sofas.
  • Invest in machine washable furniture throws – Doing so will protect your beds, sofas and armchairs from accumulating pet hair and make it easier for you to keep bed linens and upholstery cleaner.
  • Use doormats – If you put easy-care doormats where your pet enters, you can limit the amount of dirt he or she may bring in from the outside.
  • Launder pet bedding at least once a week – This will help control pet odor. Wash the bedding separately from your other items and consider using a lightly scented, hypoallergenic fabric conditioner.
  • Give your pet regular baths – Cats wash themselves but dogs need baths to keep them clean and odor-free.
  • Put pet food in heavy metal or ceramic bowls – Lightweight ones can tip over easily and spill food all over the floor.  Also consider putting a plastic rimmed-edge tray under your bowls to contain any stray pieces of food and wash all utensils in hot water and detergent once a week.
  • Store wet pet food in sealed containers – This will keep your pet’s food fresher longer and prevent odors from escaping.

Living with a cat, dog or other furry creature can present some home care challenges. But the companionship these animals can offer is priceless. That’s why the DVMs (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) at Austin Pet and Bird Clinic also recommend that you take your four-legged friend for routine checkups at least once a year. Cleanliness and good health makes everyone–and every pet–happy.  Make your appointment today!

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