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Hi. I am the owner of our clinics. I was born in India. My family immigrated to the United States in 1976 when I was 11 years old. Since then, Texas has been my home.
Dr. Mekonnen graduated from Texas A&M Veterinary School in 1992. After he graduated, he started working at South Branch Pet and Bird Clinic.


Booster Shots & Yearly Vaccinations

Puppies and kittens can be quite a handful! In addition to any training you give them, they need several sets of vaccinations to protect them from harmful diseases. Testing for intestinal parasites (a worm check) is necessary for your safety and that of your pet. We can treat most parasites that your new puppy or kitten may have very easily. You can look at our Puppy Visits and Kitten visits pages for a more detailed schedule of visits.

Annual visits, while sometimes difficult to plan, are very important for your pet. During this visit you can discuss any concerns you have with the veterinarian while your pet is given a physical exam. Yearly testing for intestinal parasites is must to keep your pet and family safe. Annual testing for heartworms makes sure our dog patients have not contracted these parasites. Our veterinarians will recommend vaccinations, heartworm prevention and flea/tick control according to your pets needs.

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Medical Care For Your Animals

It is possible for your pet to get sick even with excellent preventive care. Our staff is here to help when that happens. If your pet becomes ill, we have an in-house lab to help diagnose the problem so that the doctor can inform you of the best course of action for the situation. For your convince, the in-house pharmacy is stocked with most medications prescribed by our doctor. At times, radiographs (X-Rays) or an ultrasound may be necessary and we can do this as well. We can refer you to a specialist when the need arises.

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“Wells Branch location- they saved my baby. After rushing Dingo from emergency care to this location I was almost certain we were going to lose him. But thanks to the loving and attentive care of the staff and Doctor my baby made a full recovery. I will never take another animal anywhere else and neither will any other member of my family. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart you saved my children’s best friend.”


“Nothing but nice things to say about this vet office! Dr. Meyer did a tooth extraction on my pup after our normal vet said he felt “uncomfortable” with the surgery and charged me over $300 to tell me this after he put my pup under anesthesia. Dr. Meyer was understanding of the situation and made me feel at ease right away–they gave me a free consultation and an estimate that ended up being $50 under what he thought. The surgery went smoothly and my pup is happy and healthy. Also they charged me $70 less for the entire surgery than my original vet had charged to basically prod around my dog’s mouth. I will most definitely be changing to this office. The vet techs and front desk ladies are nothing but nice and friendly.”


“I recently visited Dr. Patel for the first time at the clinic and I was very pleased. He is incredibly intelligent and diagnosed my cat’s issues in one visit after looking at her blood work. Before I went to South Branch I took my cat to […] and they were happy to charge me $800 and then tell me to go see a specialist. At South Branch they are honest and affordable. I would not take my animals anywhere else in Austin”


Extended and Weekend Hours

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Our Extended & Weekend hours are:
Monday – Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Sunday 12pm – 5pm

Full service Veterinary surgical & diagnostic facilities.

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Pet & Bird Clinic, is a progressive and dynamic service that offers cutting-edge treatment for a variety of surgical & diagnostic needs.

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Pet and Bird Clinic offers low cost vaccines & low cost spays and neuters at either our North Austin Veterinary or South Austin Veterinary clinics.

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