About the African Grey Parrot

An African Grey makes a great pet!

About the African Grey Parrot

African Greys are one of the most popular parrot species that people like to own. They have a number of endearing features that make them so popular.

One is the fact that they regularly pick up sounds and mimic them, generally more than other parrot species. But not only do they mimic them, they sound almost 100% like the thing they are mimicking whether it be a bell or a person. They have an uncanny ability to almost exactly duplicate the sound so that on first blush you may not realize that the sound you are hearing is not the original but your parrot. They love to copy beeping sounds they hear such as microwave beeps, answering machine tones, and smoke alarm beeps.

African Greys also have a reputation for being intelligent and some have become famous. You can find them on Youtube. A university professor Dr. Pepperberg kept an African Grey named “Alex” to study its intelligence and found it could recognize several hundred words. There is also the fantastic “Einstein” of the Knoxville Zoo which has appeared on Pet Star. Einstein can do a several minute routine of mimicking sounds and being the clown to her trainer’s straight performance.

One behavior drawback to African Greys is that they tend to be nervous. However, confident, quiet, and safe handling can inspire confidence in the bird and it is not really a problem.

There are two types: the Congo African grey and the smaller version, the Timneh.

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