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Veterinary Clinic North Austin

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Veterinary Clinic North Austin – After Hours Care

Veterinary Clinic North Austin – After Hours Care, as with any medical concern, the sooner you seek treatment, the better. Pet and Bird Clinic offers same-day clinic care for cats, dogs, and other domestic animals. Our team has decades of experience and access to the diagnostic tools and therapies that help your beloved pets regain their health.

In some cases, it may be difficult to tell if your pet needs emergency veterinary treatment. If you notice they have a distended abdomen or are exhibiting differences in behavior, bring them to our office for treatment as soon as possible. These more subtle symptoms could be signs of serious gastric and emotional distress.

We treat emergency pet trauma, including:

• Animal attacks/bite wounds
• Broken bones
• Bleeding
• Eye injuries
• Blood in the urine or feces
• Ingestion of any foreign body or unknown substance
• Labor difficulties
• Seizures or twitching
• Vomiting

If your pet is wounded, practice good first aid by using clean cloth or gauze to stop bleeding in order to stabilize them before they visit a vet. If your pet has anything hanging from their mouths or is having a hard time breathing, it’s best to calm them and use soft blankets to transport them to our veterinary hospital quickly to avoid serious complications.

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Our veterinarians and support staff are trained in emergency and critical care.

We are equipped for blood and plasma transfusions, heart monitoring, and respiratory support. We can even provide emergency surgery, such as pet C-sections and the removal of foreign bodies.

No matter what kind of emergency problem your pet is experiencing, we are prepared to provide all necessary care.

Pet and Bird Clinic offers low cost vaccines & low cost spays and neuters at either our North Austin Veterinary or South Austin Veterinary clinics.

If you are looking for Austin Veterinary services, please get in touch with us, to see how we can help.