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Cognitive Dysfunction in Cats

A decline in mental function is not just a problem for many aging humans.  It’s also a problem for cats as well. Studies have shown 28% of felines between the ages of 11 and 15 show some signs of cognitive dysfunction.  That number shoots up to 50% for cats over the age of 15. [...]

All About Heartworms

From Dr. Savita Wadhwani, owner and veterinarian, Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic: What is Heartworm? Dr. Savita Wadhwani has over 20 years of experience treating and preventing heartworm. How Do Heartworms Affect the Body?First of all I want to clear up a confusion for you. Worms. There are lots of different [...]

Feline Acne

Watch for cat health issues like feline acne Everyone knows that teenagers are prone to acne. But did you know that this skin condition is also found in cats? It’s true. And what’s more, feline acne is much more common than you might think. The chin and lips are the two areas [...]

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ferret

Playful, active and loving, ferrets make great pets. But like any other companion animal, they have very particular needs that all prospective owners must take into account. So before you buy one, here are some things you should consider. 1. Time Ferrets are genial, intelligent animals. But at certain times of the day, they [...]

Do You Think It’s Cruel To Neuter Your Pet?

Hey, I's for the best. Here at the Vet Clinics our doctors think it is cruel not to. Intact male dogs can detect a female dog in heat from far away. This stresses your dog out because he can’t get to the female to mate. It is not uncommon for dogs [...]

It’s a No-No to Leave Your Pet in the Car!

Don’t Leave Your Dog in the Car! Austin is hitting over 100° again and it is time to remember that you cannot leave a pet alone in a locked car. Cracking windows, leaving water do little to help your pet in the furnace that your car becomes in this kind of heat. [...]

Feline Heartworm

Has your cat been coughing or having trouble breathing lately?  If so, and especially if Kitty spends a lot of time outside and has also been vomiting, he or she may have heartworm. Feline heartworm is caused by a parasitic nematode, Dirofilaria immitis.  The severity of this disease is dependent on three things: the [...]

Pet Separation Anxiety

If you are a dog or cat owner who has come home to find scratches on doors, teeth marks on pillows, furniture or other household items or possibly feces on floors or carpeting, then chances are that your furry friend did these things while in the throes of pet separation anxiety. This behavior typically [...]

Some Common Health Issues with Cats

My health is no laughing matter... Cats can have several problems, just like dogs, with their health. If they are having abnormalities with their eating and drinking there can be medical issues causing that. Some cats can be eating all the time or eating too much. That can be a symptom of [...]

Mange: What It Is and What To Do About It

Your dog is losing hair and scratching, chewing or licking the balding area.  Does your canine pal have a flea problem, allergy, or infection or has Fido somehow contracted mange? True mange is caused by skin mites and comes in two varieties. The less serious type, which is known as Demodectic mange, involves skin [...]

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