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Why Fiber is Good for Your Dog or Cat

You already know that fiber is important to humans because it helps maintain a healthy digestive tract. The same holds true for dogs and cats. They also need fiber in their diets to help keep their own digestive systems in good working order. Fiber comes in two varieties: soluble and insoluble. The former helps [...]

Tips to Keeping your Pets Teeth Clean and Healthy

Don't forget to floss! Clean your pets teeth regularly. There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste that are made for both cats and dogs. Regular tooth-brushing will help to keep your pets teeth and gums clean and bacteria free. You can buy special toothbrushes of varying sizes for your cat or dog or [...]

Cats and Catnip Euphoria

If you are a cat owner, then you probably already know that catnip can cause a normally self-contained feline to temporarily lose control. The cat will rub against the catnip, roll over it, kick at it and experience an intense euphoria for several minutes. Then Kitty will lose interest and walk away. Catnip – [...]

Your Pet and Stress

Too much stress? You know all about how stress can undermine your health. But did you know that stress also impacts the well-being of animals and especially cats and dogs? If your animal pal seems lethargic or sickly or appears to be acting out, there’s a good chance–once your vet rules out [...]

Website Service Finds Your Lost Pet

There is now a service that operates nationwide to help you find your lost pet via the Internet. Of course, this had to happen and its about time. We all know about amber alerts that are put out by police departments and social service agencies to find lost or missing children. Well, there is [...]

What You Need to Know About Heartworm

Heartworm can be a serious condition for your cat or dog, but prevention and treatment are possible What is heartworm disease? Canine heartworm disease is a serious, deadly disease affecting thousands of dogs each year. Because of a parasite that lodges in the heart commonly known as heartworms, many dogs become permanently [...]

4 Categories of Canine Nasal Problems

Never ignore your dog’s nose. It may only be a small part of Fido’s body, but it’s also a very important one. A canine can tell more about his or her world from smell than from any other sense, including sight. Dog nose problems can range from infections to tumors and discoloration. The best [...]

Is Spaying My Pet Important?

Yay! We're going to the park...wait, this isn't the way to the park... Spaying is the removal of the uterus and the ovaries. Therefore, heat periods no longer occur. In many cases, despite your best effort, your pet can become pregnant. It is very hard to fight this instinct. Spaying your pet [...]

Pets and Allergies

That sneeze or clogged head may not be due to the cat or dog... Too often, people will blame a sudden attack of sniffles, itchiness or shortness of breath on their dog or cat. If the symptoms persist, they may feel forced to take the pet to an animal shelter where the animal [...]

Pet Fears, Anxieties and Phobias

What is fear?   Who are you callin' a scaredy cat? If the animal perceives a threat, the response can also include elements of defensive aggression. Whether an animal fights or flees when fearful or defensive depends on its genetic predisposition and the environment that it is in (see below). The emotional [...]

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