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5 Common Kitten Ailments

Kittens are cute, cuddly and tons of fun. But their youth also renders them vulnerable to a number of health issues. Fortunately, all of those problems are easily treatable. 1. Fleas These pests are a common nuisance for both cats and dogs. But in kittens they can cause life-threatening cases of anemia. And if [...]

Caring for Your Pet Ferret

A furry ferret friend can be fun! Caring for Your Pet Ferret Ferrets are among the most mischievous pets you can have. In fact, their name comes from the Latin word for thief: give them half a chance, and they will try to take and hide almost anything. Still, they can [...]

8 Common Dog Ear Problems

No dog is ever immune from ear ailments. Regardless of whether Fido has ears that fold over or stand up straight, your canine pal is always at risk of developing some kind of otic problem at some point in his or her life. If Fido seems to be having ear trouble, here are some [...]

Keeping an Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping an Indoor Cat Happy I want to get a cat but I live on a very busy main road so I am thinking of keeping it indoors. Is that cruel? Being an indoor cat does have it's advantages... If you decide to keep your cat as an indoor pet, you will [...]

What Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet Mean

What Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet Mean Have you noticed any strange new lumps and bumps on your pet’s skin lately? Many possible causes exist for skin protrusions which can manifest gradually over time or overnight depending on the situation. Perhaps your pet has an abscess that is the result of a [...]

Effective Flea Treatments for Cats and Dogs

Summertime means more fleas. Be prepared and know what to do. Effective Flea Treatments for Cats and Dogs Fleas are a common problem that pet owners are confronted with. Fleas jump from one pet to another, as well as from the ground where they live, so it is easy for a pet [...]

Healthy Kitten Vaccination Schedule

If I look sad, it's only because my owner hasn't scheduled my vaccinations yet... Kittens need several vaccinations and boosters from 8 weeks on up. Regularly scheduled checkups and tests are a vital component of your pet’s care. The below is a recommended kitten vaccination schedule. Contact our South Branch Pet Clinic [...]

4 Things to do to Help Your Overweight Cat

4 Things to do to Help Your Overweight Cat You may think that fat cats are be cute and cuddly.  But all the extra weight they’re carrying is anything but that.  Overweight felines are at a much higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, two conditions you definitely don’t want your pet to develop. [...]

Pica in Dogs and Cats

Pica in Dogs and Cats You’ve recently seen Fido or Kitty start eating a lot of things they shouldn’t be: dirt, grass, feces and even plastic. Your pet has a healthy diet and is otherwise in good health. So what’s going on? This behavior is called pica. If it goes on for a long [...]

Dogs and Xylitol Poisoning

Dogs and Xylitol Poisoning You’ve probably heard that chocolate is toxic to most dogs. But did you know that the sweetener known as xylitol can also  harm your pooch’s health? Xylitol is typically found in toothpastes, sugar-free gums, low carb baked goods and desserts. It’s also available as a powdered sweetener and is recommended [...]

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