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Anemia in Dogs

What does it mean to be anemic? Keep the family pet, and family, happy: if your dog shows signs of anemia, get a checkup Anemia is a reduced number of red blood cells (RBC’s), hemoglobin (HGB) or both. It is not a specific disease but the result of some disease process. How [...]

Dogs, Cats and Arthritis

If you have a senior dog or cat, then you need to be on the lookout for signs that he or she may have arthritis. And that’s because almost all pets will develop this disease to one extent or another when they are older.  They can actually get the disease when they are younger, [...]

4 Tips to Stop Bird Heat Exhaustion

The onset of another Austin summer can present a number of issues for your pet bird, not the least of which is heatstroke and bird heat exhaustion. But you can help Tweety weather the hot temperatures – and save yourself a few headaches – by following these four simple recommendations: Keep temperatures comfortable Exotic [...]

Dog Bathing Tips

Believe it or not, how successful you’ll be in giving Fido a bath has more to do with you than it does with your dog. If you have a positive attitude toward this activity, Fido will sense this and accept the soap and water treatment. If not, it’s more than likely you’ll have a [...]

Top Illnesses to Watch Out for in Rabbits

Soft, cute and gentle, rabbits are also among the hardiest pets available. But even these sturdy animals can fall prey to illness. If you own a rabbit or plan on getting one, you need to watch out for these three diseases. Pasteurella More commonly known as snuffles, pasteurella is characterized by nasal discharge, watery [...]

The Top 5 Mistakes New Pet Owners Make

A pet is enjoyable if you are prepared. A pet can enrich your life like nothing else can. But if you’re new to the pet owning game, you need to be especially careful not to make these five common mistakes that could lead for a bad ending for you and your animal [...]

Dog People vs. Cat People

Have you ever wondered whether “dog people” and “cat people” really exist? BellaDOG Magazine online says yes: and not only that, “dog lovers outnumber the cat fans nearly 2 to 1.” Why settle? We're both awesome! As for why more people prefer dogs over cats, part of the reason seems to come [...]

Pet Rewards: Learning and Reinforcement

The best way to train your pet is through the proper use of positive reinforcement and rewards while avoiding punishment. The goal of training is to “learn” the proper task and/or behavior. The training sequence is to give a command, to get the desired response and to use a reward to mark and reinforce [...]

A Puppy House Training Guide

Let's work together on this, shall we? When you bring a new puppy into your home there will be a period of adjustment. Your goals are to help your puppy to quickly bond to its new family, and to minimize the stress associated with leaving its mother, litter mates, and former home. [...]

Fido and His Tail

Dogs use their tails as a form of communication with other animal species, including humans. So when Fido wags in a way that seems off kilter – or worse, can’t wag at all – you know that something’s wrong. Canine tail problems come in three basic varieties. And fortunately for dog owners, they are [...]

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