Basic Grooming for Your Dog

Basic GroomingYour dog offers you a life time of unconditional love, devotion, and companionship. In exchange, he or she depends on you to supply them with food, safe shelter, water, exercise, exercise, company, and more. To have your canine at their best, you will have to know some simple grooming skills and, if necessary, hire a qualified groomer.

Here are four areas that you should take of in grooming your pet.

Foot Care 
Coat Care
Without frequent combing and brushing, your dog’s hair mats. Matted hair can pull and inflame your dog’s delicate skin and can be hurtful to remove. Even pets with short and flat coats require frequent grooming to spread skin oils and get rid of dead hair. So every dog owner should have some simple grooming gear on hand.

Do not ignore routine attention to your dog’s feet. Since your canine consumes a lot time standing/walking without protection, their feet are vulnerable to punctures or injuries from sharp materials as well as abrasions and scrapes from gravel and cement pathways. Look at your pet’s feet on a frequent basis to ensure they have not acquired any fox-tails or goat-head stickers. If turf seeds become stuck in their paws, you can remove them with forceps or tweezers. Clean little cuts and apply antibiotic cream or ointment. Come to the Pet and Bird Clinic for more serious cuts.

Ear Care
Your dog’s ears are sensitive, delicate instruments enabling them to pick-up sounds significantly further than the human range of hearing. Microbial infection or foreign matters can significantly harm these wonderful creations, but taking a couple of minutes every week to check out and clean your pet’s ears can help keep them in good working order.

Dental care
Despite the fact that dogs don’t normally get cavities, they`re susceptible to gum disease triggered by tartar accumulation. Tartar is a byproduct of plaque — gummy deposits left on teeth after feeding. When plaque solidifies, it makes tartar which in return can trigger the gums to become red, irritated, and sore. This problem is known as gingivitis. Gum illness is essentially the most frequent complications vets find in dogs. Aside from creating bad breath, if it becomes awful enough, it can meddle with a pet’s ability to chew and even affect internal organs, resulting in bacterial attacks in the renal system and heart.

The Pet and Bird Clinic is here to assist you with the care of your dog.  If you come across anything suspicious in the grooming of your pet pal that might be cause for concern, our Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are here to help you sort it out.  Just bring your dog down to one of clinics.


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