Canine Skin RashesYou can almost count on Fido getting a skin rash at least once in his or her lifetime.  In general, a rash should not be a cause for concern.  However, they can be very uncomfortable for your pet and sometimes lead to other health problems.

Skin rashes typically result from canine contact with something in his or her environment and are the sign of an allergic reaction.  The stomach and legs are the most vulnerable to this condition, which most dogs try to relieve by excessive scratching.

Exposure to chemicals in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, household detergents and shampoos can cause allergies.  Rashes caused by these chemicals typically appear red as raised red itchy spots and may be hot to the touch.

External and internal parasites can also cause dog rashes.  Flea rashes appear as red, pimple-like bumps whereas mite rashes may appear raw.  Internal parasites such as worms can also cause belly rashes and must be diagnosed by a vet to receive proper treatment.

Yeast infections can also trigger canine skin rashes.  Usually, these type of rashes have an unpleasant odor and appear red and flaky.  They sometimes leave scaly patches on the skin.

Seborrhea, which is the canine form of dandruff, is another rash-like condition.  Left untreated, it can make your canine pal’s skin look flaky and also cause red pimples to appear.

Left alone, most rashes will go away in short period of time.  But if Fido’s rash doesn’t, or if you just want to be sure your dog doesn’t have something more serious, make an appointment at Austin Pet and Bird Clinic.  Our caring staff will give your dog a full nose-to-tail checkup and run all necessary tests to determine the cause of your pet’s rash.  Don’t let itching and scratching keep Fido down!

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