Why Your Cat is Avoiding the Litter BoxWhy Your Cat is Avoiding the Litter Box

You’ve just noticed recently that your feline pal is urinating everywhere but the litter box. This is very unusual because Kitty has always  been very good about peeing exactly where he or she is supposed to.

What could be the problem?

Why Your Cat is Avoiding the Litter Box

The first thing you should know is that your cat may have a bladder inflammation or infection, particularly if you’ve also noticed that he or she is:

  • over-urinating or straining to urinate,
  • drinking frequently,
  • always licking the genital area,
  • producing pink or red-tinged urine.

If your cat is male, this can be a life-threatening situation as it may indicate that his urethra is plugged with foreign matter such as crystals or stones. If he can’t eliminate his urine which will then back up into his kidneys and cause toxin build-up, it becomes a life threatening situation.

Sometimes, however, stress or any sudden change in your household can cause a formerly well-behaved feline to indulge in bad cat behavior. The most common cat-stressors  include:

  • an owner who goes away on vacation or isn’t around as much as usual,
  • a new pet added to the household,
  • a new family member (such as baby) or house guest,
  • loud outdoor noises that may come from construction, fireworks, human or animal fights or thunderstorms,
  • redecorating, even moving a few pieces of furniture can  cause a cat stress.

If Kitty has a case of simple feline lower urinary tract disease and an inflammation that is without infections or stones or crystals then the best treatment is an infusion of fluids to dilute out the inflammatory particles. Your veterinarian may give your cat these fluids and also suggest a special diet to help assist with dilution. If, however, stones, crystals or infection is present then your vet may likely recommend surgery and antibiotics in addition to a special diet.

Once your cat is cured, he or she may still avoid the litter box.  This is because Kitty may associate pain and illness with that box. The best way to help your traumatized pet start to practice good hygiene again is to get a new litter box, fill it with a different kind of litter and put it in a brand-new location.  Do not give your pet any behavior drugs or antidepressants which can have dangerous side effects on your cat and make the problem even worse.

The best way you can help your cat is to make an appointment for Kitty to see the vets at Austin Pet and Bird Clinic. Our caring staff of DVMs (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) will give your feline pal a thorough exam so that you know exactly what’s going on and how best to treat the problem. Let us help you keep Kitty healthy for a long time to come!

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