Is Your Cat Sneezing Blood?Is Your Cat Sneezing Blood?

It’s normal for Kitty to sneeze every once in a while. Usually, your cat will do this once only or twice in quick succession with only a small amount of nasal discharge. But if a sneeze is accompanied by bloody discharge, then you know something is wrong.

Just as in humans, a cat will sneeze when something – usually dust or allergens – is irritating nasal passage tissue. Any discharge that goes along with the sneeze can take the form of a runny nose unless Kitty manages to sneeze it out.
Bloody nasal discharge indicates that bleeding that is occurring somewhere within Kitty’s nasal passages. This bleeding is usually the result of a foreign object that has lodged up a feline’s nose. However, it could also be a sign of a fungal infection, or worse, a cancerous tumor.

If it’s a blade of grass or other small obstruction that’s causing the problem, then removing it will make the bleeding stop. If it’s a fungal infection, medication will help the infected nasal tissue heal. If it’s cancer, Kitty will need the appropriate treatment.

If your feline pal starts sneezing blood, call the Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic immediately. We’ll run all necessary tests – including x-rays and/or a CT scan – to pinpoint the exact cause of your cat’s problem. When you need veterinarians dedicated to giving your pet the best, contact us!

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