Cats and Coyotes in Urban AreasCats and Coyotes in Urban Areas

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) advised this week that coyotes in urban areas, including that of Texas cities, feed upon outdoor cats at an alarming rate. They state that studies show that 13-45 percent of the diet of coyotes is made up of free-roaming cats.

They cite a joint University of Montana and University of Arizona study, Observations of Coyote-Cat Interactions by Shannon Grubbs and Paul Krausman, that found that coyotes regularly dine on cats. The study was published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, and tracked 36 incidents of coyotes and cats and found that in 19 cases the cats were killed.  But also they observed 45 occasions in which coyotes were feeding and 42% of their meals were cats.

“Well-meaning but misguided cat lovers are creating unsafe conditions for domestic cats by releasing them back into areas where they may become prey for coyotes and other predators,” said Darin Schroeder, ABC’s Vice President of Conservation Advocacy. “Owners who let their pet cat out into their neighborhoods may be unknowingly ringing the dinner bell to unseen coyotes.”

ABC issued their release due to their concern that feral cats are decimating wild bird populations.  They are opposed to the practice of “Trap, Neuter, and Release” of abandoned and wild cats and claim such cats” kill hundreds of millions of our nation’s birds each year.” Consequently they would like to see pet cats remain indoors as much as possible.

Be that as it may, it is wise to have knowledge of this situation so you can protect your pet cat from this possible danger.  The Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic is there to help your pet cat, dog or other friendly creature with any health concerns.

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