Some Common Health Issues with Cats

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Some Common Health Issues with Cats

Cats can have several problems, just like dogs, with their health. If they are having abnormalities with their eating and drinking there can be medical issues causing that. Some cats can be eating all the time or eating too much. That can be a symptom of diabetes. Cats can get diabetes and they will need insulin injections if they do and that of course is something you have to take them to their veterinarian to get them looked at, tested, treated, monitored, set on a stable insulin dose. But some of the symptoms can be that they’re eating too much or drinking too much. Sometimes cats can be eating a lot and still losing weight. Remember we talked about dogs having a thyroid problem where the dogs are not producing enough thyroid and they’re getting overweight. Well in cats, they can have an opposite problem where their thyroid is producing too much thyroid hormone. Their metabolism and heart rate is too high so they’re eating a lot all the time, and they’re still losing weight. Those cats can also have some behavioral issues where very active, over active, but that’s because of their thyroid and their metabolism being so so high.

So those cats need to come in. We can test them. It’s quite common in older cats to have this problem where it’s just producing so much and we can test them. We can put them on medications initially and we can control that and once we get that under good control there are other treatments like surgery. There’s a treatment with radioactive iodine that can be done. Those kinds of things have to be done with a specialist, but those can be done so we can treat the cat so now, your older cat that is having this problem and losing weight, it’s not just old age. Now it’s something that can be treated. And now they can live a lot longer because this issue that’s a thyroid issue that everybody thinks is just old age, he’s losing weight, he’s just getting old. It’s not just old age. It’s something very specific related to age that can be treated, and now you can have a cat that can live a lot longer which we’d love to have.

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