Common Pet Pests in the Austin AreaCommon Pet Pests in the Austin Area

Pet owners are faced with some common pet pests that can be nasty if their pets are infected. Pet owners in Austin often enjoy taking advantage of the warm, sunny weather by hiking with their dog in one of the many area parks or along Auditorium Shores. However, being outdoors puts pets and pet owners face to face with some not to appealing pests. Here are some of the common local pet pests in the Austin area.

  1. Fleas. The most common species of flea found on cats and dogs is Ctenocephalides felis, but there are almost 3,000 different types of fleas found around the world. In Austin, pet owners will notice that as the temperature warms in the spring and the summer, flea numbers rise as well. Talk to your vet about the best flea treatment option for for your pet depending on its size, age and level of activity.
  2. Ticks. Ticks are common in Austin, especially in the spring and summer. They live in trees and will drop down onto dogs as they walk under them. They also live in the dirt and will crawl onto them when they lay down to rest. Ticks can carry other diseases which can be passed onto pets, causing diseases such as babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and tick paralysis (in dogs). There are many preventative treatments your Austin vet can recommend to prevent ticks from leeching onto your pet.
  3. Ringworm. Ringworm is not exactly what it sounds like, since it is a fungus and not actually a worm. Its Latin name is Tinea corporis. It gets its name from its characteristic circular pattern it forms on the skin when it is infected. Ringworm is especially transmitted by household pets, though it can also be contracted from contaminated clothing, showers, or pool surfaces. Talk to your Austin veterinarian about what topical treatments they would recommend for ringworm treatment and have some handy in case this common pest makes an appearance on you or your pet.
  4. Heartworm. Heartworm is a common pet pest throughout the country. Since heartworm is passed to pets through the bite of mosquitoes, the risk of heartworm increases with warm, wet weather. In Austin, mosquitoes are a common encounter and pet owners need to be prepared. Have an Austin vet test for heartworms in your pet and get your pet on a heartworm preventative medicine to keep them heartworm free.

Common Pet Pests in the Austin Area

Austinites love their pets and want to keep them healthy and happy. The best way to start is by taking your pet to a check up with your local Austin veterinarian. Talk to them about your lifestyle and ask for their recommendations for the best way to keep your pet free of pests an the diseases they cause. Make sure your pet is up to date on his vaccinations as well, per your vets advice. With the right preventative treatment and maintenance, you and you pet can live in peace without the stress of dealing with pet pests.

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