To our clients :

We understand that our pets are still an important part of our lives right now, and we want to treat
them to the best of our ability. For the protection of our employees, clients, and patients South and
Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinics will be following these precautionary measures to help us keep a clean
and safe environment.

We are minimizing all person-to-person contact. We have asked our team to not shake hands.
In addition to our employees’ frequent hand washing (a minimum of hourly, with soap and water for at
least 20 seconds, as per the CDC) we have increased the frequency of disinfecting and sanitizing of all
high touch surfaces, door handles, and counters throughout the office. We have invested in a Clorox
total 360 system to effectively protect our customers and employees.

As to helping with distance between one another, we are limiting people in our waiting room at this
time. You may be asked to wait for your appointment in the car. In this way we can allow for safer
movement of our staff and clients. We will get to our appointments; it just may take a little longer than

Thank you for coming to South and Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinics. We have been taking care of our
clients and their furry families for 30 years and we remain dedicated to many more.

Thank you for trusting us with your pets,

South and Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic

We are providing you and your pets superior protection, with the Clorox Total 360 system.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Pets From Covid-19

Client COVID-19 Information Sheet

Are clients asking about the impact of COVID-19 on them and their pets? TVMA has produced a one-page flyer with factual information (primarily from the CDC) that can be printed or shared electronically (social media, website, etc.).

TVMA COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Click the image to download