Dog Bathing TipsBelieve it or not, how successful you’ll be in giving Fido a bath has more to do with you than it does with your dog. If you have a positive attitude toward this activity, Fido will sense this and accept the soap and water treatment. If not, it’s more than likely you’ll have a dripping wet dogfight on your hands. Here are some dog bathing tips.


Get into the proper frame of mind. Bathing a dog may not be easy, but the benefits are manifold. Fido will be clean and odor-free. Better still, you will have had the chance to check for any skin irregularities that might need to be examined by a vet.


When you are ready, prepare the bathing area. If you’re using a regular bathtub, put a nonstick bathmat in the tub to keep Fido from slipping. Gather together everything you’ll need in advance, including pet shampoo and towels.


Before the actual bath itself, take your dog a long walk around the neighborhood. Doing so will help drain any excess energy and reduce any anxiety your canine pal may feel about getting subjected to soap and water.


Lead your dog to the bathtub and gently start wetting him or her down with warm water. Begin at Fido’s neck and shoulders and work your way down the body, leaving the face for last. Be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly so no shampoo is left behind. Remain calm at all times to show Fido that there’s nothing to fear.


Towel-dry your dog. You can also use a blow dryer. If you do, make sure to put it on the lowest, gentlest setting. Be aware that Fido will likely try to shake him or herself off, so be prepared for your own “bath.”

Taking care of your dog’s external appearance is only part of your job as a pet owner. To make sure Fido is both clean and healthy, you should also make an appointment at Austin Pet and Bird for a check up. Our veterinarians will give your canine pal a full examination to ensure that he or she stays happy and playful for many years to come. Contact us today!

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