Dog Cancer and Cat Cancer

Cancer is a scary word. But as with people, early detection and treatment are possible.

Dog Cancer and Cat Cancer

Cancer. That’s a really big subject. It’s a big subject in people. It’s a big subject in pets. Cancer does occur in pets, in all kinds of animals just like it occurs in people, and just like in people there is not a particular cause for it. There’s not a particular cause of cancer. It’s very similar to cancer in people. It happens in older animals. Just like in people, it happens in mostly older pets. There are cancers that can occur in young animals just like in young people however.

Cancer is an overgrowing of a certain cell type so it can occur with any cell in the body, any organ in the body. You can have skin cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer. Any cell like that can be affected. Same in dogs and cats. It can be any cell. Bone cancer. There are lots of different kinds. So if you see something happening in your dog or cat that is unusual, all of a sudden he’s not eating, not drinking, or you see a lump or bump somewhere, bring it in and let us take a look and let’s see. Hopefully it’s not cancer.

There’s lots of times it’s not, but there’s no reason to just stay at home worrying about if it is or not. Bring it in and let’s take a look and see what it is. We can diagnose it, take a test, run a biopsy, just like what your doctor would do for you, send it off, see what it is, and yes, in pets like there are in people, there are different treatments you can do for cancer. You can do a removal if it’s just a solitary tumor. There’s radiation treatment, there’s chemotherapy, and some of it can have extreme side effects like the ones in people, but there is some chemotherapy and some radiation, just like in people, that you can do and it’s not going to cause extreme side effects. It’s going to be okay to do that and have a pet go through that and he’s going to have a healthy life and a happy life and there’s going to be some quality to his life. There’s not going to be just pain because of the chemotherapy or because of the cancer. It’s not going to be like that. There are some things that can to be treated well and the pet can still have a good quality of life.

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