Dog Nail ClippingDog Nail Clipping

Do your dog’s nails click against the floor every time he or she walks by? Chances are it’s because your canine pal doesn’t run around on the hard surfaces that keep them naturally short. So when you can hear Fido walk across a room, then you know it’s time for a dog nail clipping.

Dog nails grow rapidly and need to be clipped once a week. This will ensure that your canine pal won’t suffer from nail breakage, which can lead to pain and infection. Keeping toenails short will also eliminate the possibility of an irregular gait that can lead to skeletal damage.

You need to be aware that most dogs don’t like having their feet handled. But no matter what size, sex or breed of dog you have, you can teach him or her to enjoy pedicures if you go slowly and associate the activity with pleasant things like treats and praise.

The next thing to know is that a dog’s toenail is made up of the nail and the quick, the pink-colored area that provides blood supply to the nail itself. If your dog has clear nails, you should be able to see the quick very easily. Dark nails will make nail trimming more difficult.

When you give Fido a pedicure, you should avoid cutting into the quick because it’s sensitive and bleeds easily. For clear-nailed dogs, this usually isn’t a problem. With dark-nailed ones, you will need to monitor the exposed edge of the cut nail carefully. As soon as you see a small pink or gray oval appear, stop: you’ve just reached the quick.

To trim your canine pal’s nails, you will need to:

  • hold the foot you are working on steadily but gently
  • snip off small bits of each nail, rewarding Fido every time you do
  • stop any bleeding with styptic powder or a nail cauterizer

You’ll need to clip Fido’s dewclaws as well. These usually grow on the front legs, although they can also appear on the back ones. If your dog doesn’t have them, then that means the dewclaws were surgically removed at an earlier time.

Clipping dog nails can make some owners nervous. But at the Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic, our vets can show you the best way to give your dog the trim he or she needs to maintain both foot and skeletal health. A pedicured dog is happy dog, so contact us today !

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