Have you ever wondered whether “dog people” and “cat people” really exist? BellaDOG Magazine online says yes: and not only that, “dog lovers outnumber the cat fans nearly 2 to 1.”

Dog People

Why settle? We’re both awesome!

As for why more people prefer dogs over cats, part of the reason seems to come from “the differing relationship that people have had with cats and dogs throughout history as well as the vestiges of their nature before we domesticated them.”  Not unlike human beings, dogs tend to be social creatures who live and hunt in packs, usually by day. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary and nocturnal. And where dogs “won’t hesitate to poke their way into whatever we are doing,” cats “prefer to observe from afar, coming in to investigate briefly before moving on to something else.”The magazine bases its information in a poll conducted by the Associated Press and a pet information website. The survey took into account the responses of 6100 participants who ranged in age from 16 to 95 and included individuals who owned dogs or cats as well as people who lived without pets.

Another reason behind individual preferences for a dog or cat may have to do with basic personality traits. Research indicates that dog lovers are usually “more outgoing, sociable and agreeable” and also tend to be more conscientious and self-disciplined. By contrast, cat lovers are “slightly more neurotic, yet also more open to new and unusual experiences, ideas and beliefs.” They also manifest “a greater appreciation for the arts [and] a higher degree of curiosity and imagination.”

Other studies suggest that distinct lifestyle differences also seem to exist between dog and cat people. Dog owners are typically married, have children and live in house. Cat owners, however, are “30% more likely to live alone and twice as likely to live in an apartment” as people who have a dog or a dog and cat together. They are also more likely single and female.

However different dogs and cats may be, they both share a common need for food, shelter, love and quality veterinary care of the kind you’ll find at the Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin. By giving your pet of all of these things, you’ll ensure that your dog or cat will continue to enrich your life in his or her own unique way for many years to come.

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