Effective Flea Treatments for Cats and Dogs

Summertime means more fleas. Be prepared and know what to do.

Effective Flea Treatments for Cats and Dogs

Fleas are a common problem that pet owners are confronted with. Fleas jump from one pet to another, as well as from the ground where they live, so it is easy for a pet to become infected with even minimal contact. These tenacious pests are notoriously hard to kill. One female can leave thousands of eggs behind her. Even if the adults are killed, the eggs will hatch later only to re-infest the animal. There are, however, some effective ways that pet owners can eliminate fleas from their home and pet.

  1. Topical flea treatments. For older pets, a topical flea treatment is the best way to go. This small dab of ultra-concentrated flea treatment is applied to the back of the animals neck once every few months, depending on the brand. This long lasting treatment kills both the adults and the eggs. Brands such as Advantage, Frontline and Capstar make dosages specific for cats and dogs, depending on their weight. Be sure and wash your hands thoroughly after application and make sure that young children do not touch the flea treatment right after it has been applied due to its toxic effects. Topical flea treatments can be recommended and bought from your Austin veterinarian.
  2. Treat your yard. Fleas like to live in the loose dirt that is often in yards that have dogs, due to their constant digging habits. If your animal has had fleas, it has undoubtedly shed some in the yard so it is important to treat your yard to prevent an infestation after you have treated your pet. Use a specially formulated yard spray to treat the yard and apply diatomaceous earth liberally over the entire yard afterwords. Diatomaceous earth is a completely natural and harmless substance to humans that is deadly to fleas, due to its sharp, crystalline nature. It will help to kill any left over fleas the yard spray leaves behind, and prevent future infestations. You can buy diatomaceous earth from your local garden supply store.
  3. Treat your house. You will also want to completely treat the indoor of your house to kill any lingering fleas. This means deep cleaning the carpets, furniture, bedding and curtains. Use a specially formulated powder, spray or fogger to kill fleas and vacuum carpets thoroughly afterwords. Talk to your Austin veterinarian about the best flea treatments for your situation.

Talk to your local Austin vet about the best flea treatment options for your type of pet. Flea prevention and maintenance will help to ensure that you are never confronted with a nasty flea situation, but if you are, call your veterinarian immediately. When summer time in Austin hits, the fleas are especially bountiful and pet owners need to take extra precautions to avoid fleas, especially if they spend a lot of times out doors, hiking the greenbelt or playing in the park. Keep you and your pets free year round with solid flea prevention and maintenance.

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