Five Kinds of Talking Birds

Cockatoos are perhaps the most well-known talking bird, but there are many other types as well.

Five Kinds of Talking Birds

Are you looking for a bird that you can train to talk? Several varieties exist: some are able to mimic a few phrases while others are able to not only learn words, but even use them in appropriate contexts. Following is a brief overview of the most common—and popular—talking birds you can keep as pets.

The cockatoo is perhaps the most recognizable of talking birds. These stylish-looking avians can not only imitate human speech, they can also imitate other sounds such as doorbells and even flushing toilets. If you get one of these as pets, be aware that they require a fair amount of attention to be happy.

The African gray parrot is another species gifted with the ability to mimic words. While highly intelligent, it can take time—up to one or two years—for an African gray to begin speaking. Potential owners should know that these birds are especially long-lived: they have an average lifespan of 30 years, but many have lived to be 50 or more.

Another exceptionally intelligent parrot is the macaw. While these birds are best known for their beautifully colorful plumage and their ability to understand, they are not quite as articulate as other talking birds. And sometimes, their speech can be a little difficult to understand: nevertheless, they are some of the most entertaining pets around.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you may want to try an Amazon. A number of different species of Amazons exists, but almost all of them have the ability to talk. They can pick up words and phrases with little effort, but, like their cockatoo cousins, they demand a great deal of attention from their owners. Also, if they are not properly trained from a young age, they can turn aggressive in adulthood.

Five Kinds of Talking Birds

Conures are among the smallest talking birds. But don’t let that fool you: with the proper coaching, these birds can produce surprisingly big sound and speak with remarkable fluency. Because these birds tend to be on the noisy side, they may not be the best pet for you if you live in an apartment or with people who like a quiet home.

Regardless of the kind of talking bird you ultimately get for yourself, you’ll need to give it plenty of good care. Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic provides treatment for exotic birds and pets: our veterinarians can provide you with helpful bird-keeping tips and your chatty pal with the best avian healthcare in Wells Branch.

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