Healthy Kitten Vaccination Schedule

If I look sad, it’s only because my owner hasn’t scheduled my vaccinations yet…

Kittens need several vaccinations and boosters from 8 weeks on up. Regularly scheduled checkups and tests are a vital component of your pet’s care. The below is a recommended kitten vaccination schedule. Contact our South Branch Pet Clinic at (512) 462-0002 or the Wells Branch Pet Clinic locations at (512) 339-8472 to schedule a visit.

Feline Distemper* and upper respiratory disease (FCVR)
Feline Leukemia Test and FIV (AIDS) test
First Feline Leukemia Vaccination (FELV) if test is negative
Worm check (intestinal parasites) Deworming as needed.
Initial Physical Examination
Consultation – Diet, shots, flea control, grooming etc…


Rabies Vaccination
2nd FCVR & 2nd FELV Vaccinations
2nd Worm check Deworming if needed.
Start Heartworm prevention

3rd FCVR
Spaying and Neutering can now be done. Other elective surgeries can also be done at this time.

FCVR & FELV vaccinations
Annual Physical Examination
Worm Check deworming if needed.
Heartworm Prevention

* Feline distemper is an infectious disease of cats caused by the feline panleukopenia virus of the genus Parvovirus, characterized by fever, vomiting, diarrhea leading to dehydration, and sometimes death.

Pet and Bird Clinic offers low cost vaccines & low cost spays and neuters at either our North Austin Veterinary or South Austin Veterinary clinics.

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