Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Cuteness like this deserves proper vaccinations. Contact the Austin Pet Clinic near you.

Healthy Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Here is a detailed suggested schedule of vaccination and booster visits your puppy will need from the first 6 weeks up until 6 months and every 6 months thereafter. Call our South Branch pet clinic at (512) 462-0002 or our Wells Branch pet clinic at (512) 339-8472 to schedule a visit. Healthy Puppy Vaccination Schedule is as follows.

1st Distemper-Parvo* Vaccination
Worm check (Intestinal Parasites) Deworming if needed
Initial Physical Examination Consultation—Diet, Shots, Flea and Tick Control, grooming etc…

8-9 WEEKS:
1st Corona virus vaccination
2nd Worm check Deworming if needed.
Start Heartworm prevention

3rd Distemper-Parvo
Rabies Vaccination

4th Distemper-Parvo
2nd Corona virus vaccination
Spaying and Neutering can now be done. Other elective surgeries can also be done at this time.

Parvo Booster

Distemper-Parvo and Rabies
Heartworm Check
Worm check Check
Annual Physical Examination
Heartworm Prevention

Every 6 Months:
Parvo booster
Heartworm prevention

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