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Kennel CoughYour dog seems healthy and even has a normal temperature.  But that hacking cough that’s been hanging around for a few days is making you wonder: what’s up with Fido?

It’s possible that your canine pal has developed kennel cough (also known as croup).  Bacteria known as Bordetella bronchiseptica attack the lining of the trachea and bronchi and cause inflammation.  When air passes over the irritated areas, coughing, retching and sometimes even gagging results.

Dogs typically get this illness when they are confined with other canines in animal shelters or boarding kennels.  They can also get it at a dog grooming shop or even dog shows.  This highly contagious disease gets passed to healthy canines from infected ones, who may show no symptoms, via airborne organisms or close physical contact.

The incubation period for kennel cough varies. It can show up as early as 3 days or as late as 10 days after contact with a sick canine.  Dogs typically get over the disease with no outside intervention in about one to two weeks.

If you suspect Fido is sick, the best thing to do is to keep him or her warm and make sure to have a bowl of clean water readily available.  Remove your dog’s collar to reduce the chance of further irritating the bronchial area and use a harness to restrain him or her.  You may want to give your canine pal soft food to help lessen the pain Fido may experience when swallowing meals.

Sometimes, a canine will develop a raised temperature or experience lethargy, loss of appetite or discharge from the eyes and/or nose.  If this happens to your dog, make an appointment at Austin Pet and Bird immediately.  Your canine pal could be suffering from a secondary infection that could lead to pneumonia.

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