“Lovebird” Care Tips

At Pet and Bird Clinics of Austin, we love Lovebirds!

Lovebirds are small parrots: specifically, the kind that don’t talk. Their subtle peach-tinted faces and dramatic plumage can make them quite beautiful. With the right care and feeding, they can also be excellent animal companions.

According to the website Inside Toronto, the breed name would suggest that these parrots “would be happiest living with another lovebird.” However, “they’re just as happy when kept as single pets” so long as owners can give them attention. Otherwise, they can become “bored, destructive and [and just plain] ‘yacky.’”

Boredom can be alleviated by “letting [them] out of the cage for a few hours every day to get some exercise and relieve the monotony. Be sure that you “place the cage in a sheltered and safe location” so that your lovebird(s) won’t become the prey of animals like cats or other predator birds.

Although domesticated, they still long for the kinds of foods wild birds eat. You should therefore supplement the standard bird pellet diet “with fresh greens, fruits and vegetables.” Including “fresh, natural branches from trees (with bark peeled off)” which can help lovebirds keep fit and healthy. The birds “spend [most of] their time standing [so] their feet benefit from curling around varying diameters.”

Lovebirds are very intelligent and adore “toys [such as] mirrors, bells and chewable items [including] rawhide”: if you’re unsure what to include in your lovebird’s cage, ask your veterinarian. These playful birds also “enjoy a gentleness misting with water several times a week” and hopping around “in a dish of clean water or under a dripping tap.”

The average life expectancy of a lovebird is 15 to 20 years. This is about one-fourth to one-fifth the life expectancy of macaws and cockatoos, two of its larger cousins. Giving your feathered friend quality veterinary attention—of the kind you’ll find it the Austin Pet and Bird Clinics—will help ensure that it will stay lively and happy for a long time.

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