What Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet Mean

Have you noticed any strange new lumps and bumps on your pet’s skin lately? Many possible causes exist for skin protrusions which can manifest gradually over time or overnight depending on the situation.

What Lumps and Bumps on Your Pet MeanPerhaps your pet has an abscess that is the result of a penetrating wound. Usually this means that another animal has bitten or clawed your animal pal. Alternately, it may mean that your cat or dog has been in some way punctured and may even still carry remnants of the puncturing object. This type of skin protrusion takes about two or three days to develop and will eventually open and release pus.

Your pet could also also have a cyst which is a kind of sack that forms beneath the skin. Cysts have linings that produce liquid substances that may or may not get released depending upon how quickly the system grows and how much pressure is exerted on the skin from the growth. The maturing time for these kinds of protrusions is variable.

Fido or Kitty could also have a tumor. These protuberances are formed from tissue growth that could be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). In canines, tumors are mostly non-cancerous.  In felines, however, tumors are more likely to be cancerous.

Treatment for abscesses usually involve removing all the infection and infected tissue and putting the affected pet on antibiotics to ensure the abscess doesn’t return. Cysts and non-cancerous tumors typically require surgery to remove them. Cancer requires surgery to remove the protuberance and chemotherapy or radiation to fight any remaining cancer cells.

If your pet has developed a lump or bump, contact the DVMs (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) at Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic immediately.   The protrusion may not be anything serious.  But if it is, then our veterinarians can help to prevent the further spread of any life-threatening disease. We are the clinic that cares!

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