New Pet Checklist for Austin, Texas

After you take the bow off, please call a local vet, okay?

New Pet Checklist for Austin, Texas

Nothing is more exciting than the day you bring home your brand new kitten or puppy! In the excitement, you may forget the necessities that a new pet entails. Besides a cute new collar and food bowl, there are veterinarians to see and papers to file. As a responsible pet owner, you want to get your pet a clean bill of health and take steps to keep him that way for years to come. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you get a new pet in Austin, Texas.

  1. Have food on hand. Before you go pick up your pet you will want to do a little shopping. When you bring home your new puppy or kitten, he may be shy and wary, but a bowl full of food is sure to peak his interest. You can talk to our North Austin veterinarians for their recommendation on the best type of food for your new animal friend.
  2. Make an appointment with your vet. Once you bring your new pet home, you will want to take him to the vet as soon as possible. The vet will give him or her a check up and give them any vaccinations or medications they may need. Many small kittens and puppies, especially strays, can have intestinal worms. Your vet will give you medication to quickly treat this and any other common puppy and kitten ailments.
  3. Consider training classes. New puppy owners should consider puppy training classes. Training your dog in obedience will help him to be a better pet and it will foster a close, bonded relationship between the two of you. Austin has many dog training classes, both group and private. You can talk to your Austin veterinarian about their dog training recommendations based on your dog and unique situation.

Make sure you consider your situation before bringing home a new pet. Make sure you have adequate room in your house, that your yard is solidly fenced and that you have the time and patience needed for a pet. New puppies especially require a lot of time and affection. If you have any questions about which breed of dog or cat would be best for you, talk to your Austin vet. They can recommend quality breeders and adoption agencies to match you with the best pet for your situation so your new furry friend can be a happy and healthy addition to your family and home.

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