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A Texas-born parrot is helping to raise money to save wild macaws in South America.

Blu Lu, a rare hand-fed blue-throated macaw, has taken up the art of painting and her works are being raffled off to provide funds for the Bird Endowment, a Texas wildlife conservation organization. The Bird Endowment is dedicated to saving the habit of blue-throated macaws or “blue beards” in the jungles of Bolivia by building and monitoring artificial nest boxes for the birds.  Supplemental nesting has made a difference for these rare parrots. However, there are still less than three hundred birds left in the wild.

Blu Lu was rejected by her mother at birth and raised by loving human parents. She now lives with professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich in Austin and has mastered the art of painting.

“We started with just touching the handle of the brush at first. Over time she learned to hold the brush, touch it to paper, and eventually add more strokes. All her training is based in positive reinforcement. This kind and gentle method of teaching creates eager participants. Blu Lu flies right over when she sees the painting supplies are out.” says Heidenreich.

Blu Lu’s paintings will be raffled off via bird conservation fund raising organization Chirping Central Conservation Fund. Monies raised will be donated to the Bird Endowment.

For a chance to win an original piece of framed art painted by Blu Lu visit Chirping Central Conservation Fund.  For more information on blue-throated macaw conservation visit www.BirdEndowment.org. For information on how to train your companion parrot visit www.GoodBirdInc.com which provides behavior and training products for the companion parrot community.

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