Severe Weather Causes Pets to Go MissingSevere Weather Causes Pets to Go Missing

This past week, heavy rains did more than wreak havoc on Austin roadways.  According to the Austin, they also caused more than 70 dogs to end up in the already at-capacity Austin Animal Center.

Chief Animal Services Officer Abigail Smith reports that the storms frightened and disoriented many canines, many of which either lost their way home or ran away.  Loud noises (as from thunder) are typically the culprit: it’s estimated that almost 20% of all dogs suffer from some form of noise anxiety.

Smith, and the vets at Austin Pet and Bird Clinics, remind all pet owners that getting identification for your dog or cat is essential to their safety and well being.  Ninety percent of the lost and stray animals she sees at the Center come in with collars but no tags.

If Fido went missing in the last storm, then Smith recommends that you visit the Austin Animal Center’s Twitter feed at @AustinAnimals for a live list of lost pets that enter the Center.  Alternately, you can search the AAC website at or go directly to the AAC itself, which is located at 7201 Lavender Loop and open 11 to 7 daily.

You can reclaim your four-legged friend at the East Austin Center free of charge.  At that time, you’ll also have the option to get free ID tags, collars and microchips.

Remember: lost pets can’t speak for themselves.  That’s why you need to make sure they have all the identifying marks they need to get them safely home to you in the event they get lost.

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