How to Take Your Cat or Dog to the Vet

Many pets just don’t like going to the vet. And can you blame them? How would you feel if every time you went traveling with your owner, you ended up in a place where people you didn’t know held you down and began sticking needles and other instruments into your body?   Pretty traumatized to say the very least.

How to Take Your Cat or Dog to the VetThe best way to help your cat or dog acclimate to trips to the vet is to expose them to the things associated with the visit in stages. For example, if you use a carrier to transport your cat, leave it out in a room. Felines love to lie or sleep in boxes so chances are that Kitty will treat the carrier in the same way. You can do this with dogs as well.  How to Take Your Cat or Dog to the Vet.

Once your cat has gotten used to the carrier, you can consider putting the cat and the carrier in your automobile. Petting your feline will help him or her feel more comfortable. Then bring both back into your house. The next time, you may want to add another step: turning the car on. That way, Kitty can get used to the sound. Canines do not usually need this kind of careful handling as most of them are quite happy to go on car rides.

The next step would be taking Kitty or Fido for a drive around the block and rewarding them afterwards with a treat. After he or she has acclimated to the sensation of motion, then you might want to go on a dry run visit to the veterinarian’s office (with the vet’s approval, of course).  Lots of petting and a nice treat will reassure your animal pal that all is well.

Even after you’ve acclimatized your pet in these ways, you may still find that Kitty or Fido still have some residual trepidation about going to the vet. You may even find that he or she requires a sedative. However,  remember that only the doctor can make a final recommendation on any drugs you might use to calm your pet although you may be able to find  nutritional supplements that can do the same thing.

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