Our Austin vets love what they do, and love especially helping great pets stay healthy. Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic vet Dr. Savita Wadhwani talks about her love of veterinary medicine, and a successful recovery of a dog that came to the clinic in bad shape.


Dr. Savita Wadhwani of Wells Branch Pet and Bird Clinic

I love seeing the cute puppies and kittens that come in. That’s a lot of fun. I get to play with all if the cute puppies and kittens and you know I have to tell you, I consider all of the pets that come into my clinic, I really consider them mine. I like to treat them how I would treat my dog or cat. If I’m telling you how to do something for that pet, what to treat him with, that’s something I would do for my dog or cat. I want that for your dog or cat. I want it to be treated that way and I want it to be well quickly.

So let me tell you a good story about a dog that recovered in our care.

There is a dog named Remington that when he was about two years old, got hit by a car. His skin on his leg just came right up, kind of like a stocking. I stayed very late that night doing surgery on the dog and I didn’t know how it would heal if I just put the skin back and just sutured it. We did a lot for that dog and his skin, getting the sutures to stay, getting him to heal up, getting the rest of his body to heal up.

After a few days or so in the clinic, maybe longer, maybe it was a couple of weeks, he recovered and went home. His leg was fine and he has had a good long life. He is a beautiful Pointer. He is such a good dog. I loved this dog so much that I wanted a pointer afterwards, and a few years ago my husband and I got our dog, a pointer. It was so fun and rewarding to be able to help him, to treat him and to see how much joy he has brought everybody.


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