Tips to Keeping your Pets Teeth Clean and Healthy

  1. Tips to Keeping your Pets Teeth Clean and Healthy

    Don’t forget to floss!

    Clean your pets teeth regularly. There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste that are made for both cats and dogs. Regular tooth-brushing will help to keep your pets teeth and gums clean and bacteria free. You can buy special toothbrushes of varying sizes for your cat or dog or you can use a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger to clean your pets teeth. Only use toothpaste specially formulated for pets or make one yourself out of baking soda and water. Be sure to massage the gum line as well when you brush, since stimulating the gum line is important to healthy gums.

  2. Schedule regular dental checkups with your vet. Even if you brush your pets teeth regularly it is still a good idea to schedule a regular check up with your vet. Your vet will check for excess tarter on the teeth and for issues such as gum disease. If you are not good at cleaning your pets teeth, you can also schedule a regular cleaning with your vet. Having your vet clean your pets teeth can be a great solution for those pet owners that just don’t have the time or patience to maintain a regular teeth cleaning schedule themselves. Whether you do it or your vet does, cleaning your pets teeth should be a regular activity because it not only keeps your pets teeth and gums clean, it also helps to keep their breath fresh, something everyone can appreciate.
  3. Buy teeth friendly food and treats for your pet. There are some foods that will naturally keep your pets teeth clean and healthy while other foods will actually cause dental issues. Foods to look for are ones that contain natural ingredients and are specially formulated with vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy teeth. Dry food can help to clean your pets teeth as they chew so many veterinarian’s recommend a diet that includes at least one serving of dry food a day. Treats that are specially formulated to help keep teeth clean can be given to your pet on a regular basis as well to promote healthy teeth.
  4. Give your pet something to chew on. Chew toys are important to dental health, especially for dogs. Dogs naturally have a desire to chew, in part because this process is what helps to keep their teeth and gums naturally clean and healthy. Choose chew toys made of natural materials or ones that are specially made to promote healthy teeth. Ask your vet for their chew toy recommendations.

Your pets dental health is something to take very seriously.  Tips to Keeping your Pets Teeth Clean and Healthy. Poor dental health can lead to bad breath, or chronic halitosis, as well as mouth pain that can cause them to not eat. Pet owners often forget about their pets dental health until its too late. Bad breath, loose teeth and bleeding gums are all signs that your pet’s teeth are in trouble. Talk to your vet about a dental plan for your pet to keep your pets teeth healthy so that both of you can be happy.

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