Owning a Pet BirdTips for Owning a Pet Bird

You may think that you’re ready to dive into the world of bird ownership.  But are you really?  Inviting a feathered friend to share your space often requires lifestyle changes that go beyond simply adding a cage to your living room décor.

1. Beware your pots and pans

Teflon or non-stick cookware can be fatal to parrots and other pet birds.  The coating gives off an odorless fume that, when heated, can kill an avian within minutes.  This means that you will need to get rid of any non-stick cookware you own and invest in pots and pans made of regular metal.

2. Say goodbye to candles and air fresheners

Like Teflon, scented candles, oils and air fresheners can all pose a serious health hazard to your feathered friend.  Birds have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and can be easily overcome by chemicals and fumes.

3. Don’t smoke indoors

Cigarette smoke is just as bad for Tweety as it is for you.  If you do use tobacco products, make sure to go outside so your bird can remain safe and healthy.  If you plan to handle your feathered friend after you’ve smoked, you’ll need to wash your hands.

4. Plan to wake up early

Tweety wakes up with the sun every morning and will expect you to do the same.  He or she will be hungry, so you’ll need to feed your bird as soon as you can.

5. Be prepared to clean up more often

Birds are messy.  You will likely find yourself having to sweep or vacuum daily to keep up with the constant appearance of seed hulls and other debris that will accumulate around your pet’s cage. Tips for Owning a Pet Bird.

6. Invest in avian-friendly houseplants

Many commonly kept houseplants (such as English ivy and Virginia creepers) are toxic to birds.  If Tweety ingests them, he or she may die.  This may mean you having to give away some of your household greenery before you let a pet bird into your life.

Austin Pet and Bird Clinics are here to help you keep Tweety happy and healthy.  Our vets understand the special needs of birds.  When you decide to settle down with the feathered friend of your dreams and want to schedule your bird’s first check-up, contact us!

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