Website Helps Find Lost PetsWebsite Helps Find Lost Pets

There is now a service that operates nationwide to help you find your lost pet via the Internet. Of course, this had to happen and its about time. We all know about amber alerts that are put out by police departments and social service agencies to find lost or missing children. Well, there is now an amber alert that can be put out for your missing dog, cat or even missing bird via is a commercial service that takes several actions to find your lost pet. First, they will take your contact information and the pet’s name, age, breed, color, the location last seen, photos and any other relevant details. They then create a professionally designed poster that will be faxed and emailed to veterinarians, animal shelters, animal control officers, police stations, media outlets, pet stores and “Neighborhood Watch Volunteers” within 10 to 70 miles from where your pet was last seen. They will then get into action a system of phone alerts to thousands of your neighbors within minutes using state-of-the-art technology. Needless to say your alert goes into their missing pet database. Because the system, thousands of people are now looking for your pet and will call when it is found.

There have been some very good successes.

“I would not have my dog back if I had not paid for this service. He had already been gone for two weeks and this was my last hope at getting him back. It was the best money spent and worth every cent. A lady contacted me because she had seen the Petamberalert at Petco when she went to buy Bosco food. She had him since the day he went missing three weeks prior. He had gotten in the car with her son. He was very well taken care, fed well and was taken to the park each day while he was gone. He even had a new collar with an engraved new name. If she had not seen your flyer posted he would not have come home to us and our children. Thank you so much.” – Leslie Folse, dog named Bosco found in Alexander, AR

There are a number of different packages for the service. $39.95 sends missing pet posters to 25 local animal shelters, veterinarians and pet businesses; $59.95 to send phone alerts to 250 neighbors; or $99.95 to send both phone alerts and posters. A premium plan for $249.99 sends calls to 1,250 neighbors and missing pet posters to 100 businesses. You can choose if you want to use the phone system or poster system only or combined.

Here is a video about the service.

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