Cat EatCats can be finicky eaters. But if they stop eating completely, they can become very sick. Food-abstaining felines can lose weight quickly which can cause them to exhaust their internal protein supplies. With nothing else to burn, cat bodies cannibalize fat reserves for energy. The excess fat in turn overwhelms their livers and can cause a dangerous condition called hepatic lipidosis.

Lack of appetite in a cat can mean one of several things.


If your feline pal refuses food, he or she may have any one of a number of conditions including:

  • an infection
  • pancreatitis
  • cancer
  • intestinal problems
  • kidney failure

On the less serious end of the spectrum, Kitty may only have a toothache. But whatever the cause, you need to make sure your cat gets medical attention as soon as possible.

Recent vaccination

Kitty may not be eating because he or she may have just received a vaccination. Loss of appetite is actually one of the more common side effects, which are usually temporary and mild.

Change in routine

Many cats don’t like the change in routine that may stem from moving or travel. This can also lead to a lack of interest in food.

Psychological problems

Anxiety or even depression could be another reason Kitty won’t eat. Some very sensitive cats don’t adapt well to things like new people coming into a house. Even a sudden change in diet could cause your feline pal to walk away from his or her bowl.

What you can do

You can try to coax your feline pal to eat again by adding fish oil, broth or cooked egg into the food you would normally feed him or her. Alternately, you can try to mix in another flavor of cat food into what you’ve already been giving them.

If your cat still refuses to eat, then it’s time to call the vets at the Pet and Bird Clinics. We’ll do a full exam and all necessary tests to determine what’s eating Kitty. Don’t gamble with your pet’s health. Make an appointment with us today!

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